We started through hard work, determination, technical excellence, and fantastic word of mouth from people like you, we have grown from three chairs in a little salon in Bedminster, England, to where you experience us today.

In our salon you will find comfort, familiarity and great stylists who live to work in our beloved profession.

They engage, excite and are as bold and daring as you want them to be.  We bring beautiful colour to life, with exceptional cutting in a friendly environment where you feel comfortable, secure and wanted.


Our passion is hair and all things hair-related. We are diverse, motivated, interested, gentle, brave, beautiful, educated in hair and life. And we are always listening, always friendly, and committed to making sure you have a positive experience.


We believe in engaging with your needs, your conversation, your passion, your daily circumstance for your hair. For us at Barber Brown it all starts with, 'Hello, I am your hair stylist'.

About us

We are passionate about your hair and we care that your hair is in the best condition it can be. Nothing feels better than healthy hair! We believe it should feel like your hair!

You will enter a judgement free zone where you can feel comfortable being yourself. We are a bunch of misfits at Barber Brown’s who are all accepted for who we are and we aim to make sure you feel this way every day.

We are a gender neutral salon, which means prices are not subjected to male or female, but to length of your hair and the level of stylist you decide to book in with.

We will always listen to your needs and are here to offer free impartial advice. Not just in the salon but whenever you require. Drop us an email or contact us on social media and we’ll share our knowledge.

What we do

You will find that our creativity ranges from the bright, bold and vibrant to the flawless natural shine.

We run our own academy which means that we are always learning, giving us the opportunity to share more with you.

We’re different; we take the intimidation out of going to the salon and bring something new and vibrant to Bristol. 

We have fun in the salon taking away the social pressure you feel today. You will be delighted to have found us and you will be excited to meet us because we’re excited to meet you!

You will find a salon of Affinage colour specialists.

Why Affinage

Many Affinage products are at least 90% naturally derived

(obtained from sustainable

& renewable sources).

Never tested on animals.


Global business since 1996.

Always been a family controlled business (and will continue to be).

Datem+ technology (in Infiniti)  – longer lasting fade resistant colour with Shea butter and Argan oil to protect the hair while giving incredible strength, condition and shine.

Wide range of ever growing permanent & semi-permanent including, Metallics, toners and Vibrant.

Vitaplex – repairs, strengthens & protects hair during colouring & lightening or as a standalone treatment to repair previously damaged hair.

    0117 929 7555