Gender Neutral and what this means to us

Gender Neutral in our salon means that you are not subjected to specific roles depending on your sex / gender.We follow this because hair is hair, it takes the same amount of time to cut / style no matter how you identify asa person. We believe in equality, hence why we follow this rule so closely, we want people to walk in and feel immediately welcome in the salon without having to think “Do they cut Men’s or Women’s hair?” or having to think “Will they cut my hair?”. We have a fair ruling in that no matter who you are (or identify as), we only base the amount of your service, on the amount of hair that you have / time taken to complete the service.

I’ve personally always wanted to work in a Gender Neutral salon ever since I started hairdressing. We have had a number of people come to us, having previously been refused by a barbers due to their identity. (and who feel intimidated entering a salon as they are unsure of how to present to a hairdresser what it is they want) The idea that a certain sex / gender pay more or less because of how they were born sounds crazy when you say it out loud, and the truth is, it is crazy! A style should be suited to your client not to their sex / gender. Coming to the salon is the first step to changing your identity, by doing this we are helping people to identify the way they feel, which to us is the most important part of coming to the salon.

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