Meet The Team

Mark Brown


"In the industry for 30 years now I have a wealth of experience in cutting, colour and managing your hair needs. I completed a traditional 5-year apprenticeship in South Australia where I also worked as salon manager, business owner and completed stage photography and session work in Adelaide and Melbourne. I moved back to the UK in 2001 and within no time was working as an educator. After ten years as a teacher and further education manager I set up Barber Brown with a clear vision to deliver hair that people wanted to a high standard."


“Mark has taken a step back from hairdressing to focus on the business outside of the salon floor and to spend some time with his daughter Ruby. Mark isn’t my boss but my coach and I couldn’t ask for a more supportive and dedicated coach, Mark has built an amazing business that continues to grow and develop. Mark has pushed us to be the best versions of ourselves; he continues to aid the team in developing their skills and encourages us to be brave and bold with our cuts and colours. I personally couldn’t be more thankful to everything Mark has done and continues to do.” - Jess



"Baber Brown’s Broadmead salon opened for

the first time in March 2011. I joined the

Barber Brown Team mid year of 2011 and completed my NVQ level 3

at Barber Brown Academy 2012. Fast forward and to the last couple of

years where I took a break from hairdressing and worked in financial

administration but my heart wasn't in it. I returned to Barber Brown in

August 2017 with a newfound passion and creative vision for restyling hair. I believe everyone is different and I love to make our clients feel that their experience at Barber Brown’s is unique and that they leave the salon feeling like a million pounds. A vibrant colour and alternative cut is what I live for!


Since returning to Barber Brown’s I have taken on the Management role which has led to our biggest quarter

thus far. Going back before returning to Barber Brown’s I would have laughed if you told me that I could manage a team and grow into a successful businesswoman. Yet here I am. If you would like to book in with someone that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and positive then I’m your girl. With my level of experience and passion you will be booking in with someone who knows what she’s doing." - Jess

“Jess returned after a mini break from hairdressing and has come back a very loyal and talented leader of the team. Jess has a stand out image of her own and not only creating beautiful haircuts and fashion favourite colours, but she is keeping the team focused, the salon busy and the months ahead planned full of profit and fun. Jess is teaching, managing and couching like a superstar! Jess has a real passion and drive for hairdressing and constantly pushes herself and the team to grow. I could not be more proud of Jess and I know that there is so much more to come.” - Mark

Jess is an expert in all things colour, especially her technical skills, colour correction and balayage.



“After leaving hairdressing for a year, recently returning feels amazing! Being on the salon floor for 14 years took it's tool on me, and becoming a mum I felt like I needed a change. I returned to education to study accounting which has been inspiring, but my passion and soul has always been in the salon. I missed it massively.

I appreciate and enjoy all aspects of hairdressing. Highlights and balayage/ombre are just my thing, which I take great pleasure in doing. My happy place is cutting, from classic to modern, blunt to textured, long to short. I find creating unique styles for all individuals highly satisfying and rewarding.

I chose advanced perming and colour correction when doing my level 3 NVQ in hairdressing, and have completed numerous private cutting and colour courses over the years to keep everything fresh." - Lizzy

“If you'd like to be with someone that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and positive then Lizzy is your girl. With over 15 years’ experience you will be sure to book with someone that knows what they are doing. Lizzy is the ‘Highlight Queen’ due to her advanced techniques and maintaining the quality of your hair. This means not only will your hair look and feel fantastic, but you will be educated all the way through the service on the best ways to keep your coloured hair looking as amazing visit after." - Jess



“With an FDA in fashion and levels 2 & 3 in Beauty already under my belt I furthered my achievements with level 3 Hairdressing in 2017. Soon after I accomplished a credit in my L'Oreal colour degree. 

Previously employed at Sean Hannah for 3 years as a receptionist, I then worked my ass off to become the stylist I am today. I pride myself in the fact that I am very client focused and will go above and beyond to make everyone feel comfortable.

I am very excited to start my new journey in hairdressing with Barber Brown and love being part of the amazing team here. I have been welcomed with open arms into a friendly and amiable environment where I feel energized and inspired to grow my column and continue developing my creative skills. Watch this space!” - Josie

“Josie is going to make you smile at every moment, with her complete lack of ego that makes her so approachable. If you have ever had a hairdresser that you felt too overpowered by, then please come to Josie. She’ll work with you, listen to you and make sure you really feel in control. Josie enjoys getting to know the clients, so they feel comfortable to say ANYTHING. From not liking the way their fringe is blow-dried and how they want it changing or that their flatmate is a bastard. A good friendship means you always get what makes you happy!” - Jess



"I had known for a long while that I wanted to be a hairdresser and after feeling unfulfilled in my previous jobs, I realised that I needed to just go for it. Hairdressers are often known to be somewhat intimidating and not very warming at times which had put me off. And when deciding this was the path for me, I was determined that I was not going to be either of those things.

I love making sure that anyone who walks through the door feels welcome and that they really enjoy their salon experience. Helping someone feel good and positive in their own skin is such a big part of what I do, and I enjoy every second of it. I’ve turned what I always thought was just a hobby into a career.

I have a thirst for knowledge and love all things science-related in hairdressing. There are such so many positives to hairdressing I could just keeping going, but to knuckle it down I love a good restyle, colour and working through hair plans for clients. I also get a real buzz through meeting people from all walks of life especially in the judgment free salon that is Barber Brown! ." - Hayley

​"Hayley has been with Barber Brown’s for over a year now,

Hayley is able to envision your hair so far into the future you'll be

rebooking the next few years’ worth of appointments. Have you got in that place where you just don't know where your hair is going? Or maybe you’re in such a hair disaster that it's hard to imagine your hair healthy and beautiful again? Hayley will help you make a timeline of your hairs potential and together you can work on a brighter future for your locks. Hayley’s creativity will get you feeling like a goddess, she's got her hand in everything that is creative in the industry and is regularly teaching the newest styling techniques to her clients ." - Jess

Hayley is an expert in perming, hair care and chatting sh*t.



​"From a young age I have always had an interest in hairdressing, beauty, make-up and the whole shebang. I was born and raised in here in the heart of Bristol, and started my creative journey into hair by first teaching myself the art of make-up. I completed my first hairdressing course in July 2017 where I then furthered my skills by attended many more courses including one at City of Bristol.

My passion grew after working in a salon environment for the first time and am so excited to be back in a salon. Working for Barber Brown's I'm loving being part of such an amazing team.


I am ambitious, creative and take pride in how I pay so much attention to detail. I take great satisfaction in making someone feel their absolute best. Everyday is so rewarding and inspiring. I couldn't image doing anything else. " - Aisha

​"Aisha is our newest Graduate Stylist, passionate about her craft, her enthusiasm for her work have made her a valued member of the team. She is continuing to perfect and improve her skills by taking cutting courses throughout Bristol. Her passion is for natural colour through classic highlighting and cutting sharp, blunt outlines. Providing beautiful finishing skills, Aisha has a talent for delivering glamorous blow-drys and beach waves." - Jess


Aisha offers FREE blow-drys with any other service on your first visit.



"After deciding I was not going to be a lawyer, the career change I made was Level 2 Barbering. Originally from Spain, however, I have just made the move to Bristol from Taunton. I am currently doing an apprenticeship with City of Bristol to achieve my level 2 hairdressing; I am extremely passionate when it comes to hair and really want to excel in colour. This is what had drawn me to Barber Brown’s.

I pride myself in being happy, funny and always willing to learn. At Barber Brown's I feel that I’m a valued member of the team. We work hard but have fun doing so. I have already achieved so much in the short time I have been here, improving my extra short haircuts from the barbering course I have done and mastering the mopping." – Lucy

"Lucy might be new to the team but is already excelling at everything she puts her mind too. Lucy is driven, passionate and a hard worker. Lucy is very good at soaking up knowledge and is quick to learn. Lucy works hard and puts all her effort into everything she does. Lucy is bubbly yet if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the idea of a 'crazy' salon experience and would like to feel relaxed with someone that will really listen to you then Lucy is your go to!” - Jess

Lucy is an apprentice who is qualified in extra short haircuts and some colouring. Lucy’s pricing is at Graduate Stylist level.


Throughout this page you might have noticed little images (such as the little Boba Fett above) next to our photographs, these images represent us individually, inside jokes that we have and some are nick names... we'll let you guess which ones those might be.

We want to show everyone that visits our website and the people that come Barber Brown's that we are fun. We like to make sure anyone that walks into Barber Brown's enjoys there time here whether, you're part of the team or having your hair done. We would like every individual to look forward to coming to Barber Brown's!

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